Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a wide range of property developers in Dubai that you could choose to work with, you should work with a broker and consulting firm that can advise you of their reputation, product finish, ability to deliver on promises and general integrity. We highly recommend investors go for quality over price to ensure you’re making a quality investment. 

Dubai is a very community driven environment, meaning tenant and buyer demand stems from the convenience, lifestyle and value that the location provides, therefore, we recommend investors stick to well established and emerging master-communities within Dubai, rather than going for unknown or areas in less demand just to save money.

Compared to other world city markets, the quality of developer in Dubai is generally quite high, especially at the mid to premium end of the market. With strict regulations on marketing and construction progress, significant track records and face to face meetings/viewings,  investors can proceed with purchasing off-plan inconfidence with a focus on long term overall ROI rather than what will be earned in the next 12 months.

There are several costs to think about when purchasing in Dubai, the main one is the DLD fee, which is 4% when purchasing off-plan, there are also further administration fees, your consultant will make you fully aware of the full financials prior to purchase. 

Masar Capital do not charge any fees at all to our buyers.

The first stafe is to work with your broker ensuring you’re 100% confident in the locaiton, property and developer you’re partnering with. Once you are we will complete the booking form and pay the initial booking fee, typically 3-10%, you will shortly be expected to pay the deposit and will then have the Sales and Purchase Agreement issued. Please contact us for a full breakdown and we will be happy to explain.

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