Agent Network

Masar Capital has a professional network of real estate agents globally, we regularly partner with other companies in order to meet investor requirements which on occasion require a bespoke, personal service. If you wish to partner please review the below and reach out.

Agent Network Partnership

Being on the ground in Dubai, located inBusiness Bay, we are the perfect company to partner with if you have investors from around the globe looking to invest in the Dubai real estate market.

Whether you’re in the UK, France, Germany, Russia, India, Pakistan, The Middle East or anywhere else, we would love to help you secure sales in Dubai through our trusted process and existing network of developers and service providers, we are true experts in the Dubai investment space.

We can support your business operations in the following way:
  • Access to Dubai’s top-tier residential property developments (plus the UK)
  • Extensive marketing materials provided (Brochures, Videos, Floor Plans etc).
  • Agent Web Portal For Real-Time Content Access.
  • Physical investor meetings in Dubai on your behalf.
  • Full product staff training and support.
  • Extra assistance with after-sales communication, mortgages and property management.
  • For full client protection we will always communicate directly with you and you will manage your client’s relationship with our behind-the-scenes advice.

We typically work on a 50/50 fee basis with partner agents as per the industry standard in the Dubai property market. Our core markets are across Dubai but also locations such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London within the United Kingdom, so please reach our if you have qualified investors searching in these locations and we will do all we can to assist and ensure are beneficial professional relationship.

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