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At Masar Capital Real Estate in Dubai, our vision is to redefine the skyline and reshape the living experiences within the vibrant heart of Dubai, setting new benchmarks in luxury, innovation and investment strategy. Through meticulous attention to detail, cutting-edge tech, and a steadfast commitment to our client base, we aim to deliver unparalleled real estate solutions that meet the evolving needs of our residents and investors. We want to be the best boutique real estate agency in Dubai, known for quality over quantity.

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Chairman and CEO - MC GROUP

Ashik is responsible for overseeing the Masar Capital team across Dubai, UAE and the UK with a focus on operations, strategy and marketing, whilst actively building long-term relationships with property developers and investors.

Masar Capital Group is Ashik’s holding company which mainly focuses on Real Estate investments which was first formed in 2021, alongside a UK-UAE focused up-and-coming interior company named Masar Capital Interiors and vacation home company named Masar Capital Homes, which was idealized in 2023.

Ashik has overseen millions of dirhams of investment between Dubai and the UK with a proven track record of best-in-class service. Ashik’s approach to real estate investment is both innovative and forward-thinking, underscored by a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence in the dynamic landscapes of Dubai and the UK with investors from all over the globe. 

Ashik Dev

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Executive Director

As the Director of Masar Capital and Founder of Track Capital, Nick Hyland has carved a niche in the real estate investment sector, skillfully bridging markets between the UK and Dubai. With a decade of industry experience beginning in Dubai real estate in 2014, Nick’s strategic vision and operational expertise have been pivotal to his company’s success. In his Executive Director role at Masar Capital and experience with Track Capital, he has guided the team towards significant milestones, including overseeing asset sales exceeding $100 million and providing invaluable advice to high-net-worth individuals.

Nick’s leadership has been instrumental in fostering robust relationships with property developers and investors, ensuring top consultancy. His achievements have earned him recognition in leading publications such as the Financial Times and The Guardian.

Nick Hyland

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Senior sales consultant

Ben is a successful and driven real estate professional with closing on 10 years of experience in the UK real estate secondary sales and rentals market, and took a new career challenge by joining our team in February 2023. In this time, Ben has overseen a number of off-plan transactions and is actively creating fruitful relationships with his clients and the developers we work with.

Ben is a certified trainer and practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, amongst other disciplines, qualifying in 2022.

He is highly motivated to serve his client’s interests with integrity – your best outcome is his highest priority.

Ben Woods