Tax & Currency Exchange

Masar Capital offers comprehensive support for investors seeking to purchase property in Dubai, streamlining currency exchange and tax services. By partnering with reliable financial institutions and leveraging their expertise in tax and foreign exchange, Masar Capital ensures seamless investing whilst minimising risks and optimising returns.

Transfers & Currency Exchange

Moving money across borders can be expensive and time-consuming if not done effectively, especially in high volumes.

We work with various currency exchange providers that can ensure you are getting attractive rates and maximising your returns in the long run, as it’s not just the property itself to think about upfront, it’s sending the rental funds back once profit is generated, so having an optimum set up and transfer service can save thousands over the years of ownership.

Tax isn’t such as issue in Dubai itself due to the attractive structure in place, however, we understand that investors may need advice in their local markets, please let us know should you be looking for a recommendation or tax advisor as we have a number across different cities, specialists in their local market and regulations. 

Tax Exposure

If you’re looking at UK property it’s important to consider optimising your tax exposure, we do focus on the UK and Dubai markets, therefore it’s important to consider the differences.

Largely there are minimal tax implications to buying in Dubai, you just need to budget for the 4% Dubai Land Department fee (of the property’s value) upon purchasing, you buy it in your personal name and there is little further to worry about.

In the UK you need to consider Income Tax,Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax, if you’re buying in a company, you will be looking at Corporation Tax instead of Income Tax and potentially the cost of withdrawing Dividend funds.

As there are a few considerations, it’s important to get the right structure correct, for most people it’s more tax efficient to buy in a company name
we worked with an FCA Regulated partner who takes the stress out of the tax aspect, they will set up and manage your company, and do everything by the law whilst minimising your tax bill, that’s for both UK and overseas residents, so no matter where you are in the world we can assist.

Contact us today and we can make an introduction where they can explain the full, streamlined process to you.

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