Dubai Property Visa Information

Masar Capital can offer general advice on the visa process and criteria to ensure you secure your visa when purchasing in a property. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Investor Visa - 2 Years - Min Purchase 750,000 AED

The Dubai investor visa is a residency permit that is granted to individuals who invest in Dubai, either by purchasing property or establishing a business. Here are some details about the Dubai investor visa:


Property investment: To be eligible for the investor visa through property investment, the applicant must purchase a property in Dubai worth at least 750,000 AED. The property can be either residential or commercial, and must be registered with the Dubai Land Department.

Application process:

The applicant must submit the necessary documents, including Title Deed, to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) or Dubai Land Department (DLD), depending on the type of investment.

The applicant must also undergo a medical examination and obtain a police clearance certificate.

Once the application is approved, the investor will be issued a residency permit valid for two years. The investor can also apply for visas for dependents, such as spouse and children.


The cost of the investor visa is typically under 10,000 AED for a two-year visa, plus additional fees for medical examinations, Emirates ID registration, and other administrative costs. These costs vary and this is just a guide.


The investor visa can be renewed for a further two years, subject to meeting the renewal criteria, which includes maintaining the investment and fulfilling other requirements.


The investor visa provides the holder with the right to live and work in Dubai for a period of two years.

It also provides access to a range of services and benefits, including the ability to open bank accounts, sponsor family members, and obtain a driving license.

It’s important to note that visa requirements and fees are subject to change, and applicants should always consult with a qualified immigration consultant or legal expert for the latest information and guidance on investor visa applications in Dubai, Masar Capital can assist with this.

Golden Visa - 10 Years - Min Investment 2m AED

As per recent regulation changes in Dubai, investors can now benefit from a 10-year visa, providing a minimum of 2m AED cash is deployed in an investment. 

This can be an off-plan property, either with a payment plan and a mortgage used, however, 2m cash has to have been invested at the time of applying for the golden visa.

Many of the same benefits and process details are the same as the two-year investor visa, other than the timeframe and cash equity requirement. Contact us for more details or if you have any specific questions.

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