Nail Your Research – The Best Sources For Dubai Real Estate Research

The Best Sources for Dubai Real Estate Research

As well as being on the ground, living in the communities, meeting developers, site visits, construction progress monitoring and all the physical operational activities, our analytical team spends hours reviewing online market data and research.
Today, we will give you a couple of key sources where you can contact your own research, some you may know, some may be new to you.

1. Property Finder

Property portals are websites where agents in the local area list properties for rent and for sale, all over the world, if that be Rightmove in the UK, in Australia or Zillow in the US, portals are used for market research.

In the UAE Property Finder is the most dominant player, so investors can use this platform to search for properties of course, but also to check rental values and statistics on the market in general, it’s important to look at what properties have actually sold or let for though, rather than simply asking prices.

2. The Dubai Land Department

Obtain official statistics, direct from the Dubai Land Department, the most reliable source on the market. One thing I love about the Dubai market is the transparency, you can see, almost in real-time, how the market is performing – best performing areas, transaction levels, values – whatever you need you can find it here.
I also love the monthly reports on the market so you can get a feel of how the market flows from month to month and see in which direction we’re heading, a great first stop for real estate investors that want to look at the cold, hard data in the marketplace.

3. Property Monitor

This is personally, my favourite source of research in the entire market. It’s comprehensive, up to date, accurate and provides all the potential data you would need in one place. I love the fact it’s raw data that can’t be debated, it’s not opinion or bias, it’s simply the truth of what has happened and of what’s happening at any one time in the Dubai property market.
Property Monitor is a product of Cavendish Maxwell, one of the UAE’s leading property and construction consultancies and was developed in response to a need for greater market transparency, an expert team delivering the data from official sources in a neat online and mobile app format makes for a great end product and resource. Used by brokers and end-users alike through free and paid versions.

4. Short Let Market

Deloitte, JLL, Savills, CBRE, Knight Frank etc, whilst they are technically real estate agencies, they are global brands with 10,000s of employers and hours spent conducting and comparing global residential and commercial investment markets.

I particularly like using these channels for market forecasts, as while official data is great for looking at what’s happening currently or in the past, global consultancy brands really understand the ups and downs of the market and they’re able to spot patterns that investors can potentially benefit from.

I hope that helps in showing you how and where to start some research, if you don’t wish to rely on your own research completely and wish to partner with a trusted Dubai real estate agency with true expertise then get in touch to start your property search or to simply gain some advice –

Nick Hyland



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